Potential Teacher in South Korea

Come work in Korea and earn a lot of money minus the stress! Teach conversational English to children and only work 25-30 hours a week. There are many jobs available and South Africans are in great demand.

Hagwons (after-school academies) are privately owned businesses, usually operating from 2pm to 8pm (times vary between academies). Text books and stationary are provided. All you have to do is chat with the kids, improving their knowledge, conversational skills and confidence.

Classes can last between 25 to 50 minutes. Most hagwons require that teachers stay at school during business hours, so if you have some free time at school, it will be best to keep yourself busy with something, like lesson plans or the Internet.

• Airfare to Korea is paid for by the school, provided you finish your 1 year contract. Certain schools pay airfare to and from Korea
• Teachers are given a fully furnished apartment walking distance from the school. Rent is paid for by the school.
• Salaries range from 2 100 000 won to 2 300 000 won (roughly R24000 – R26000 per month).
• Severance pay is given on completion of your year contract and is equal to one month’s salary.
• In some instances certain schools provide snacks or a full meal at school.

Please note: a degree (any field, BA minimum) is essential. Only citizens from USA, UK, NZ, AUS and SA can apply. Please note we are recruiting candidates between the ages of 21-35.

Korea is a beautiful country and central to other favourite destinations, like Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. If you are interested in taking a year to travel, relax and save money, send us an email. We’re looking forward to getting you there!