Living in South Korea will always lead to a curiosity of new things and places.  One of these places will always be the DMZ, to experience the hype and see if it really is as tense as you read on the news.

There are two different tours to the DMZ at different ends of the country, where the closest you will get to North Korea is the Panmunjom tour which starts in Seoul and takes you right up to the border, this is in the north-western part of the country. There you will enter the room where the Armistice Agreement was signed and all talks between South- and North Korea are held . You will also be taken to the 3rd infiltration tunnel which was dug by North Korea into South Korea, take a jacket as it can get quite chilly walking down the tunnel.

The second tour sees you on the north-eastern border of the country where you will be visiting the 4th infiltration and the observatory where you will see across the border in to North Korea. You will also get to see the town of Haean in the former Punchbowl battlefield where some of the bloody battles took place between the countries in the Korean War. This tour is very scenic and the one I preferred as it was less rushed and there are a lot more to see in terms of sites.


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