When you are in Korea it becomes apparent that it’s a country that is always on the go and there is always something going on, it doesn’t matter if it’s scorching or freezing cold, you will always find something to do.

There are always festivals happening all over the country to keep you entertained on weekend. If that’s not you scene, you can always go to game arcades to entertain yourself or even play some screen baseball to pass the time. The nightlife in Korea still amazes to this day as you will always be able to go out for a drink, doesn’t matter which day it is, it is bound to be busy.

Going away on weekend to explore is also a great way to experience new things and see the cultural side of the country. There are various tour groups to join if you don’t feel confident enough to set out and explore on your own. From Ski Trips to Island getaways, there is always an adventure waiting in Korea