Anyone who is willing to move so far away from home must be up for an adventure, and Korean food is part of it all. You may need some time to adjust to the new flavours, but everyone ends up loving it and wondering where they will find these dishes once they are back home.

If you are into spicy dishes, you are in for a treat. Koreans love chillies. They also love tofu. And rice. They really love rice. Come to think of it, they love feasting on most things that can safely be called healthy. A basic meal consists of rice, soup and an assortment of pickled veggies.

Kimchi is the most popular dish. A large variety of vegetables are turned into kimchi (spicy, pickled veggies), but cabbage kimchi and cucumber kimchi are among the favourites.

We know the meat eaters are asking, what about the meat? Relax. It’s not all pickles and rice. Most restaurants cater for the meat lover, whether you prefer beef, pork, chicken or fish. Tables are equipped with grills, so you get to barbecue indoors, whenever you like.

Bakeries are on nearly every street corner, so an assortment of fresh bread, muffins, bagels and pastries is never out of reach.

For the junk food junkie, rest assured that despite all this talk of healthy food, fast food giants like McDonalds and KFC have indeed invaded the east and are standing ready to invade your tummy. Pizza places, like Pizza Hut and Domino’s can make you feel at home…kinda: look out for sweet potato and corn. Koreans think they go well with pizza. You may disagree.

You may find yourself searching the aisles of a supermarket for some things that are considered basic necessities at home. Stop looking, it’s probably not there. However, a Costco is usually only a bus ride away. There you can shop to your heart’s content, stocking up on western delights, such as cheese, cereals, meats and candy amongst other things.